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Easy Going Yoga w Toni Smith


1 hour


Easy Going Yoga explores all the body systems through ease of movement and asana. Toni engages a Body-Mind Centering® approach to embodiment via yoga.  Each class is transformative in use of breath, developmental patterns and mobility. Flow is continuous as the room, gravity and community are guided without interference using props and magnification of sensation. The brain lowers in tone and learns from the body. All levels of experience are welcome.

Sign up at class, independent of Maitri Yoga registration

You choose the class series commitment and payment format that works for you.

You will manage your own attendance record.

3 Months or 12 sequential classes = $100

1 month or 4 sequential classes = $40

Drop in Class = $15

To mail a Check: payee-Toni Smith, 11 Locust Avenue, Troy, NY, 12180

Zelle or Paypal or Venmo:, 518-369-3979

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